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Nourish the skin, lift the spirit


At Masaroo we are on a mission to create the world’s finest, truly natural and eco-friendly skincare products.
Discover the power of Mother Nature with Masaroo.

Regenerate and nourish your skin with our 95% organic face cream and moisturiser leaving your skin radiant and healthy

100% natural pumice stone with exfoliating power. These hand-picked lava stones are intended to use for feet, hands and body

Replenish and rejuvenate your skin with our handmade age-defying face exfoliator made with 95% organic ingredients






Harness the power of nature

We use powerful natural and ethically sourced ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Enjoy the pleasure of organic skincare

We use natural and organic ingredients as they are kinder to your skin and kinder to the Earth.

Preserve and protect Mother Earth

We ensure that our products are eco-friendly and cruelty-free, and our packaging - 100% recyclable.

See what people are saying!

“I had not purchased and used footstones for a while (had been disappointed in the past). But this one felt promising – both the picture and the description – so I decided to try. And wow! First, it arrived very promptly and nicely packaged. Second, I loved/love the experience of applying it to my feet: it’s natural and feels very pleasant. Finally and importantly, the effect is beyond my expectations – my feet were nice and soft after the first use and are ever since.”  – Gemma Hart

“I love trying facial scrubs products but never have I found one that ticks all the boxes. It feels so gentle on my skin however you can feel the facial scrub working. There is no need to rub into the skin, just smooth on gently. It made my skin so soft to touch and I have struggled with dry patches for years. Over the moon!! Thank you” – J. Willis
“Beautifully presented in its own box, and clearly very natural materials, I am excited to use this pumice stone. I love the non-perfectness of the shape too – it feels truly unique. And no plastic either is the icing on the cake.” – Vanesa P.
“Husband bought this for me as a gift .. liked the texture and how my face feels after using it .very little is required to scrub my face and it feels really soft after ..my skin is ok with oily products so I liked the oily texture that it leaves you with rather than making the skin feel very dry … I just wipe/pat dry with a warm towel to remove some of the excessive oil while some of it remains and gives a glow to the face … really love this organic skincare product and worth the price and will be buying again.” – Roshni Suresh

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